Kickstarter Board Games

Board games are a great success on Kickstarter, more and more companies are releasing their game this way. Games Up offers full Kickstarter versions including Kickstarter Exclusive content.

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Board Games

Games Up is a webshop for the modern board gamer. With our collection of miniature board games you are assured of many evenings of fun. In addition we offer all kinds of ways to upgrade your games to the next level, such as box inserts, paints and scenery, card sleeves and other accessories. With brands such as The Army Painter and Feldherr we have quality for a competitive price.

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We love board games with miniatures, and feel all warm inside when they are painted. The painting of miniatures is something we can spend hours on and are very passionate about, we would like to share this hobby with you. So whether you’re looking for acrylic paints, color primers, quickshades, washes, effect paints, brushes or basing and tuft, or hobby tools, with our extensive collection of The Army Painter and Citadel you bring your board game to life!

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Our favorite games often undergo a transformation, because something that is often played deserves an upgrade. Meeples become miniatures cardboard tokens turn into plastic, normal dice becomes custom dice and cards are protected with board game sleeves. View our accessories to also upgrade your game.

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